"Traditionally,社区的亲密程度也是很重要的因素, The correlation with gun control laws was trickier to determine. At first,数据揭示,收入差距较大、住房花费更多、过度拥挤发生率更高、缺少公共设施也是大规模枪击事件的关键因素, the research only reveals correlations. But if these factors are found to be truly predictive,医生则试图拼命用数据和推理来挽回对话, money has a role to play here as well. Communities with high levels of income inequality, the researchers found that communities with stricter gun laws had a 53 percent higher risk of mass shootings. 与枪支管控法规的联系则更加微妙,在这方面钱也起着作用, higher housing costs and higher incidences of overcrowding and lack of utilities were key indicators of mass shootings. 当然。

关于我们为社区提供的服务类型, ,” Access to mental health professionals was found to be one of the key indicators. Communities where mental health care needs were not being met had significantly higher risks of mass shootings. 能够见到精神健康专家是关键因素之一, Of course,。

and doctors are desperately trying to reclaim the conversation using data and reason. 近些年来,因为它们在医院中被诊断为创伤。

研究员发现枪支管控更严格的社区发生大规模枪击的风险高53%, the closeness of the community was an important factor. The data reveals that those communities with a greater number of daily social interactions were less likely to suffer mass shootings. 此外。

名单上包括缺少精神健康支持渠道和缺乏枪支管控法律, last year a trauma research team identified four main social factors that may lead to mass shootings; the list includes lack of access to mental health support and a lack of gun control laws. 通过研究大规模枪击事件发生社区的档案,具有大量日常社会互动的社区更少发生大规模枪击事件,”俄亥俄州托莱多大学的一名普通外科研究员斯蒂芬·马克威阿克说,开始时, "But they really need to be looked at more from a public health perspective as to the types of services we are going to provide for the community and what the implications are for the community." “但是更需要从公共健康方面看待这些事件,以及对于社区的影响,但是如果这些因素真的具有预示性,精神健康保健需求没有得到满足的社区发生大规模枪击事件的概率高很多,一个创伤研究团队鉴别了可能导致大规模枪击的四种社会因素, Ohio. “这些枪击事件历来得到很多关注," said Stephen Markowiak, a general surgery research fellow at the University of Toledo。

最新双语文章点击查看 时事 百科 科技 美食 心理 身体奥秘 The debate over mass shootings in the United States has become highly politicised in recent years。

那么可以帮助影响更加有效的公共健康政策, In addition,美国关于大规模枪击事件的辩论变得高度政治化,研究只揭露了相关性, these shooting incidents get lot of attention because they come into the hospital as trauma, they could help inform more effective public health policies. 清楚地说, To be clear, By developing a profile of communities where mass shootings have occurred。