they can live in their motor home for a few days or to the

so a family three children could ask their grandparents to go on a holiday travel They could all travel together. Mr.Hagen and his wife had a third child last year. This made them sell a second car and bus a van. Their children sixth and seventh seat are used to put other things, they usually have two cars. When the family is large, one of the cars is sold and they will buy a van(住房汽车) A small car can hold(容纳)four persons and a large car can hold six persons but it is very crowded(拥挤). A van hold seven persons easily, Americans with small families own a small car or a large one. If both parents are working, a van is also called ____________. A. a motor car B. a motor home C. a motorbike D. a big truck 12. Before Mr. Hagen and his wife bought a van, for a family of five must carry many suitcases(衣箱)when they travel. When they arrive at their grandparents home , they__________. A. sold their old house B. moved to their grandparents house , the suitcases are brought into the two seats can then carry the grandparents. Americans call vans motor homes. A motor home is always used for holidays. When a family are traveling to the mountains or to the seaside, they can live in their motor home for a few days or weeks. All the members of a big family can enjoy a happier life when they are traveling together. That is why motor homes have become very popular. In America there are many parks for motor homes. 11. From the passage, they can live in their motor home for a few days or to the seaside,。