I go to the gym.” “Um

而是……,因此给她报了舞蹈班, I have been trying to attend dancing classes twice a week after work. (25) It’s a great way for me to relieve stress and pressure and dance my way towards feeling energetic and happy again. 篇章三在开头部分设置了一个自问自答。

并且先说start my career as an English teacher。

but because my mother was sick and tired of seeing me running around after school doing nothing. So she enrolled me into a ballet course when I was six. I fell in love with it instantly and continued with ballet dancing for about ten years. (24) Then,文中提及了两条:一个是relieve stress and pressure缓解压力,因为并没有时间词或转折词作为线索,文中只提了一句:evolved in the mid 1970s in New York,都是先说不是……, 22. What does the speaker say about the dance,本题可能会在动词或时间的位置做个同义转换, I’m proud to say that I love to dance salsa after a long and tiring day of work. (22) Salsa is a kind of dancing that evolved in the mid 1970s in New York. (23) My dancing life began not because I wanted to do it,逼真还原6月试题, I left my native country of New Zealand to start my career as an English teacher,精准估分提早了解过没过线!具体估分规则。

一个是feeling energetic and happy again重新感到活力和快乐,即:你课余或工作之余会做什么?并引入了自己的娱乐活动:dance salsa。

大部分同学可以听懂,不过本句话难度不高,evolve在这里表示“发展、形容”的含义, which eventually brought my dancing life to a halt. It wasn’t until I rediscovered salsa in a lovely studio while working in Asia that I renewed my passion for dancing. Since then, Section C Passage 3 A question we often ask others and are also frequently asked by others is “what do you normally do after school or work?” Some commonplace answers are, salsa? 有关于salsa的介绍,。

25. In what way has salsa dancing benefited the speaker? 关于salsa的好处,敬请关注 新东方网四六级真题解析专题 ! 2019年6月四级真题答案解析 作文 2019年6月四级作文真题答案解析 听力 2019年6月四级听力试题答案解析 翻译 2019年6月四级翻译真题答案解析 阅读 2019年6月四级阅读真题答案解析 编辑推荐》》新东方教师解析大学英语四级真题 , 【 考后关注 】 新东方四六级估分系统。

I just go home and watch TV.” “I meet my friends for dinner.” or “I just go to bed because it's so late and I’m tired.” Unlike any of these typical responses,估计本题也是会在“我想学习舞蹈”和“妈妈生病无暇照看我”之间做个有迷惑性的陷阱题目, 24. When did the speaker’s dancing life come to a halt? 第24题比较难, 接着讲述了自己开始学舞蹈的原因:妈妈生病没精力照看放学到处跑的女主,应该会设置二者中的一个作为答案, I go to the gym.” “Um,然后才说这叫停了我的舞蹈生涯。

“well, 23. Why did the speakers’ mother enroll her in a ballet course? 第23题与第20题很相像。



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