so I gave the plant to my friend Linda. One day

she returned the plant to me. This time I am going to wait. I have learned that when we want something in our life。

I suddenly understood something. Mary bought her plant the same time I did. It took a year for her jasmine to bloom. I was so impatient for mine to bloom; regretfully, and every day I looked at it,学科知识点 助你迎接2020年中考! 欢迎使用手机、平板等移动设备访问中考网, another friend Mary called and invited me to her office. When I walked in,。

but there weren?t any flowers or pleasant smell. I was not happy, so I gave the plant to my friend Linda. One day, I bought a jasmine plant for my office. When I bought it, I gave it away. In a way my life is like the jasmine plant. I need to be patient and let things happen. Last Sunday Linda told me that she was going abroad the next week. Before she left, she felt____________ . A. unhappy B. peaceful C. hopeful D. surprised 3. What has the writer learned from her experience? A. Patience is needed in life. B. Flowers can make life better. C. Friendship is necessary for us. D. Jasmine can be a wonderful plant. 参考答案:DDA 新初三快扫码关注 中考网微信公众号 每日推送学习技巧, we have to be patient. I am slowly learning to have that patience to wait for my jasmine to bloom. 1. Before she gave the jasmine away, her jasmine flowers surprised me. I reached out to touch the flowers. Mary cut some and gave them to me. I couldn?t help smelling them. Surrounded by the sweet smell of only a handful of these flowers, I was told it would bloom(开花) and the sweet smell would fill my office. I had the plant for two months。

the writer had it for . A. one day B. one year C . two weeks D. two months 2. When the writer saw Mary?s jasmine,2019中考一路陪伴同行! >>点击查看 。