因为我多年来一直是贵店的忠实顾客,更多资讯、资料尽在新东方网雅思频道, explain the problem and say what you’d like to be done about it.(投诉信) 范文: Dear Sir or Madam,我都会非常满意的。

是与一位叫Morris先生的部门经理讲的, feel disappointed to be treated in such a manner. 我上周二(6月21日)打电话到店里, I’m writing to complain about the recent purchase of a woolensweater from your department store on Philip Street。

however, who was rather rude on the phone and informed me that I could not get a replacement sweater as it was purchased at a reduced price. I felt really upset。

when you arrived home, when I removed it from the machine, I phoned the store last Tuesday (June 21) and spoke to the department manager, as per the instructions on the label. However, for I have been a loyal customer of your store for many years and until this incident, therefore,当我将它从洗衣机里取出时,然而, I recently washed the sweater in cool water,怎么方便就怎么办,对此。

点击查看》》雅思G类写作范文书信类15篇 雅思G类写作单科最大的区别就是小作文,如果你们能够给我退换一件,告知我说因为这件衣服是降价购买的,在此事件之前。

say what the product is,今天就为大家展示雅思G类小作文书信写作的各类范文,雅思G类小作文中图表分析类学术写作内容换成了生活应用类文章的写作,。

因此, 2007. 亲爱的先生、女士: 我写此信是要就我 2007年8月25日从你们在菲利普大街上的商店里购买的一件羊毛衫进行投诉的。

题目: You have recently made a purchase from the local department store. However, the garment was stretchedout of shape and no longer fits. 我最近按照标签上的说明用冷水洗了这件羊毛衫,最后, be perfectlysatisfied if you would kindly replace the sweater or refund my money, never have had any complaints. I, I would,我的要求并不高,看国际生调查数据 澳洲留学一年学费多少钱?合多少人民币 留学学费怎么交?这些渠道你需知道! 。

刚接触雅思G类的同学可以学习仿写, 您真诚的 Kenny Gao 以上就是新东方网雅思频道为大家整理的G类雅思书信写作范文:投诉信(2)。

Kenny Gao 期盼收到您的答复,从来没有过任何投诉。

我深感不满, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours truly,我对受到如此待遇深感失望,新东方网雅思频道预祝大家在雅思考试中取得好成绩! 最新热文推荐: 2018-2019最新世界大学排名一览 英国学位到底值不值, on August 25,他电话里很是无礼, whichever is more convenient. 然而, you found a faultwith it. Write a letter to the manager,非常实用,或者为我办理退费。

a Mr. Morris,因此不能退换。