选手们还有机会参观了中国其他地区的著名景点和历史名胜,丰富多彩的文化让游客体验, Chinese parents tend to pay so much attention to the academic performance of their children that they stop their kids from helping with the housework. The primary requirement for children is to study hard. Children are entitled to go to elite universities with high exam scores. Parents believe this is for the benefit of their children. Because in a highly competitive society like China。


为孩子提供更好的条件,在中外游客眼中,那里的生活节奏比大多数中国城市都要缓慢,他们相信这是为孩子好, hobbies and interest to provide their children with better conditions. 2、云南省的丽江古镇是中国著名的旅游目的地之一,丽江还以”爱之城”而闻名, 1、中国父母往往过于关注孩子的学习,他们对孩子的首要要求就是努力学习,父母就会受到尊重。

它为世界各地的年轻人提供了更好地了解中国的机会,如今,如果孩子能在社会上取得大的成就,众多的少数民族同胞提供了各式各样,以至于不要他们帮忙做家务, is one of the famous tourist destinations in China. The pace of life there is slower than in most cities of China. There is natural scenery everywhere in Lijiang. A number of minority compatriots provide various and colorful cultures for tourists to experience. Lijiang has also been known as the “City of Love” throughout history. Plenty of legends about people born for love and die for love circulate among the local people. Nowadays, This year, only high scores can guarantee kids a bright future. Chinese parents also think that they will be respected if their children make greater achievements in society. Therefore, an ancient town in Yunan province,因此。

an annual Mandarin Speech Contest for Foreign Nationals was held in Changsha. This contest proved to be a good way to promote the cultural communication between China and other regions in the world. It provided an opportunity for young people around the world to understand China better. A total of 126 competitors from 87 nations gathering in the capital of Hunan province participated in the semifinal and final held from July 6th to August 5th. The contest was not the only activity. Contestants also had a chance to visit the famous scenic sights and historical spots in other regions of China. ,这项比赛证明是促进中国和世界其他地区文化交流的好方法,他们愿意牺牲自己的时间、爱好和兴趣, 比赛并不是唯一的活动, parents are willing to sacrifice their own time, Lijiang。

丽江到处都是美丽的自然风光,因为在中国这样竞争激烈的社会里,只有成绩好才能保证前途光明,历史上,当地人中流传着许多关于因爱而生、为爱而死的故事,能上名牌大学,这个古镇被视为爱情和浪漫的天堂(paradise), this ancient town is regarded as the paradise of love and romance in the eyes of both Chinese and foreign visitors. 3、今年在长沙举行了一年一度的外国人汉语演讲比赛,。